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Welcome to the web site of the Canadian Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce (CBCC) – one of the largest Chambers of Commerce in Bulgaria and the most dynamic and influential international business organization in the sphere of Canada-Bulgaria business.

On this site you’ll find out about the Chamber’s services, advocacy, membership’s benefits, network, mission, objectives, board of directors, executive team, committees, partners, publications. You can also find basic facts, figures and reports about the business in Canada and Bulgaria.

Our members are united in the belief that an economic system based upon free trade, open markets, rule of law and private enterprise creates employment, prosperity and stability. The Chamber has adopted a set of business principles in support of our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices.

The Chamber is an active, non-government body that provides an extensive networking platform for its members with business interests in Canada and Bulgaria. CBCC represents businesses of every size across the widest spectrum of industries and sectors. Our members include small and medium-sized companies and multinational corporations, as well as business professionals and entrepreneurs brought together with the common purpose of developing trade, and solving related issues with a collective power and influence.

CBCC is influential. An effective advocate, CBCC speaks with collective authority on commercial and public policy issues that are important to our membership.

CBCC is diverse. A volunteer and independent business organization, CBCC derives its strength from a broad and diverse membership that is powerful, represents different nationalities, and includes large corporations as well as small- and medium-sized businesses. Thanks to our strength around Canada and Bulgaria, and the fact that we are open to all nationalities, we give you the highest level of access to business in Canada and Bulgaria.

CBCC is dynamic. CBCC’s members, through 10+ active committees and a lot of programs per year, define the chamber’s agenda by specifying the public policy issues of greatest importance in different sectors.

CBCC is involved. Along with our charitable activities, we support ethical corporate responsibility.

CBCC strives to maintain Bulgaria’s status as a center for international business and finance in the Balkan region. Our strength and effectiveness depends on the patronage and participation of our members. If you are not already a member, please join CBCC today!

The scope of activity of the Chamber is related to the encouragement and the assistance to Canadian-Bulgarian economic relations in the sphere of commerce, industry, agriculture, finance, transport, technologies, professional activities and others.

Our mission is to promote the interests of CBCC’s members in Canada and Bulgaria by providing insights, advocacy, support and connections.



We organize many events each year with leaders of business and government of Canada and Bulgaria. We also organize conferences, seminars, round tables and also social events, such as networking nights and charity galas.

Committee Meetings

As a CBCC’s member, you will have the opportunity to take part in 10+ committees which hold meetings monthly at CBCC’s office or a member company’s office to network, hear insights from industry leaders, and to discuss issues relevant to these sectors.


Learn about developments which could affect your business, read the latest CBCC news, and learn about other CBCC’s member companies in our e-Newsletter. Read analyses of the economic, political and market situation in Canada and Bulgaria. Contact other CBCC’s members through our business network.


Canadian Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce represents our members at the highest levels of government in Canada and Bulgaria. We are striving to play an important role in development of the Canada-Bulgaria trade relations and meet regularly with government officials in Canada and Bulgaria to represent the interests of our members. Our advocacy achieves results for our members.

CBCC members meet with senior government officials to discuss issues of relevance to Canada-Bulgaria business.


Reach out to the decision-makers through our branding and advertising opportunities. Only member companies are eligible to advertise on our website and in our publications.

Get exposure for your company when you speak at our events. Whether it be reaching business leaders at our closed door events or journalists at our broader sessions, let us know your expertise and we would be happy to discuss profiling your company in an event to give your company a platform to connect and improve its public image and business networking.


  • Private Enterprise
  • Free Trade
  • Rule of Law
  • Ethical and Responsible Business Practices
  • Transparency and the Free Flow of Information
  • Friendship and Cooperation between Canada and Bulgaria


  • To protect the interests of members and present their views to decision-makers in industry and in government.
  • To add real value to membership through an extensive program of publications, conferences, seminars, events, functions and missions.
  • To create and develop a diverse membership and to provide the membership with a significant platform for networking opportunities.
  • To facilitate trade for, and between, our members, and to promote commerce between Canada and Bulgaria.


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